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Cate’s Kitchen Fit is the brainchild of Caitlin Meade—a certified holistic nutritionist and Russian kettlebell trainer based in Chicago. Caitlin is passionate about engendering the tools necessary to jumpstart lives through healthy living. Inspiration is a shared experience and Cate'sKitchen Fit provides the information and access necessary for all people to grow and strengthen their better selves.

Cate’s philosophy of health begins with a love of food. As a universal language, food is a binding experience for all cultures. In this way, the path to discovering your best self begins in the kitchen. Clean, organic, and fresh ingredients are the key and Cate’s common sense solutions to cooking unlock the joys of eating healthy. A well-balanced diet does not need to taste like punishment. A positive body image begins with a knowledge and respect for the food we eat. Loving yourself means treating yourself well.

A positive self-image doesn’t end in the kitchen, however. Cate knows the importance and struggle of physical fitness. Creativity is essential to the most difficult aspect of physical health—perseverance. Cate understands that workouts need to remain fresh and engaging to support the kinds of behaviors that lead to personal goals. Happiness is not a number on a scale—but the belief that loving yourself is an ongoing practice of creativity and respect.