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Meal planning

Meal Plans

After an initial consultation, we develop a customized meal plan which accounts for your tastes, preferences, and nutritional goals. Within two weeks, your energy levels and confidence will show significant gains.

Each meal plan includes a “kitchen raid” (where we discuss your current meal preparation and culinary process), grocery store tour, three-hour private cooking lesson, and a two-week strategic meal plan so you can hit the ground running! (Also available as a full-month plan.)


Personal Chef

Too busy for the kitchen? Let us provide the nutritional tools you need to jump-start your new life. Based on our initial (and ongoing) consultation, our Personal Chef plan includes complete meal planning and production for any arrangement. Need healthy dinners five days-a-week? Complete daily meal plans? A healthy and delicious event menu to impress and share with friends? We’ve got you covered.

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Cooking Classes

Is the kitchen intimidating? Don’t panic! Our private cooking classes provide all the essential tools you need to make your nutritional dreams a reality. Our classes demystify the cooking process and make healthy living simple, reliable, tangible, and fun. Set up private lessons for personal betterment, or invite friends for a healthy living party! Everyone comes away with two prepared meals and the skills necessary to maintain the quality at home.


Grocery Store Tours

Overwhelmed by the grocery store? We provide custom tours of your local grocer so you can shop with confidence and purpose. A single tour provides the keys to better food choices. Learn how to read and interpret labels and find the foods which fit your lifestyle. Find your health and nutrition answers in a competent and enthusiastic tour guide.


Personal Nutrition Consultant

You are an individual—with unique tastes, qualities, and dreams. We believe that nutritional plans should begin with the client. One size, as we all know, does not fit all. Whether you’re preparing mentally and physically for a wedding, marathon, or a sustained lifestyle—we understand how to help you be the
best you.


Mobile Nutritionist

Not in Chicago? Too busy for an appointment? No problem. Whether by Skype, FaceTime, or over-the-phone, we can provide the personalized answers you need within the tech-landscape of today. We understand that scheduling is a nightmare—don’t let life’s demands deny your right to better living!


Health and Wellness Seminars

Is your school or business looking for health solutions which benefit the mind and body? Our interactive presentations encourage common sense solutions for healthy living which boost learning outcomes, creativity, and productivity. From education to business, the foundation to achieve begins with a healthier lifestyle.


If you're interested in any of these services, please reach out on the contact page. Looking forward to helping you reach your goals!